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Our team

Incredible minds create incredible results

We as a team believe in responsability and commitment, we are a group of people with no common features. We like to think we are outside the box.

It is the strangest sensation to see such a great family build up from an idea, and the most satisfying thing, is to know everything this company has built is because of the people inside it.
Carlos Ruiz Del VIzo
Director & Founder

Federico Dubuc

General Manager

Dulfay Contreras

Brand Manager

Andres Ruiz Del Vizo

Business Director & Co-founder

Maria Fernanda Monascal

Brand Manager

Aymar Noriega

Accounting & Administration Manager

Andreina Coll

Brand Manager

Tiffany Capdevielle

Senior Graphic Designer & Graphic Designer

Luis Tovar


Adriana Dominguez

Senior Brand Manager

Carlos Ruiz Del Vizo

Digital Marketing Director & Founder

Oriana Malaver

Graphic Designer

Leonardo Mora

Brand Manager

Andres Varela

Senior Developer

Kirver Galarraga

Brand Manager

Tibaire Morao

Project Manager

Isabella Briquet

Brand Manager

Dairin Lopez

Graphic Designer

Enrique Morales

Graphic Designer

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